PM Modi Rips Apart Rahul Gandhi’s Debate Challenge | Newsroom With Rahul Kanwal

With the battle between PM Modi and Congress chief Rahul Gandhi heating up in Karnataka, the battle is becoming a fight between the two party faces, rather than a fight between the two parties. Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked off his poll campaign in Karnataka with an all-out attack on the Congress, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Congress chief Rahul Gandhi. PM Modi replied to Rahul Gandhi's challenge for debate and mocked him for being a 'Naamdaar' who couldn't speak for 15 minutes without referring to his notes.

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  1. This not only bcoz gandhi dynecty. But east india company’s divided and rule police of gandhi family dynesty idealoge .. pls brother

  2. Rahul Gandhi challenged Modi for a debate. PM Modi accepted it readily. Then Congress became afraid. What is this?

  3. Rahul challenged modi for a debate. Modi accepted it roared like a lion. Rahul ran away with his tail between his legs.

  4. PM has ripped himself , after all this he did not give time, because he is afraid of every body , rahulji ko chodo, can he give 15 minutes to press conference? no he is coward and he knows he will be ripped in 5 minutes, mind it. He has stopped parliament to avoid using Anna DMK . Mod is namdhar and not kamdhar, he calls himself as kamdhar, this should be told by voters, the agitations all over the BJP ruled states and other states shows he is an utter failure in all fields.He is neither a kamdhar nor a namdhar, some thing else which cannot be told. There is a saying in english ‘ Great orator cannot be great worker” Mr Kunal majority of the urban and semi urban places in karnataka, even now I tell that every visit by reduces seats in karnataka. Regarding Amith Shah , he is doing some work to win , but don’t know how far he succeeds.

  5. Modi vs Rahul Debate.
    Surely Modi will be the winner. He is an orator.
    However “Nation wants to know” what has Modi done in the last 4 years to improve the condition of the masses. How many of his promises has he kept. India is run by a team of 2 people both from Gujarat. Is Gujarat the capital of India. I will not be surprised if that happens. Modi of Gujarat, by Gujarat for Gurjarat. Which ever party rules India in 2019 Modi should be nominated as Foreign Minister.
    मोदी बनाम राहुल बहस।
    निश्चित रूप से मोदी विजेता होंगे। वह एक वक्ता है।
    हालांकि, राष्ट्र जानना चाहता है कि मोदी ने पिछले 4 वर्षों में जनता की स्थिति में सुधार के लिए क्या किया है। उसने अपने कितने वादों को रखा है। भारत गुजरात से 2 लोगों की एक टीम द्वारा चलाया जाता है। क्या गुजरात भारत की राजधानी है। अगर ऐसा होता है तो मुझे आश्चर्य नहीं होगा। गुजरत के लिए गुजरात द्वारा गुजरात के गुजरात। 201 9 में भारत ने कभी भी पार्टी का शासन किया मोदी को विदेश मंत्री के रूप में नामित किया जाना चाहिए।

  6. Why do people give time to someone like Yogendra Yadav? What is his party standing in India? He is nothing but a B team of Congress.

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