Mythical Blue – Charity Streamer Intro – Operation Save – The World – Gaming – Event 2nd Sebtember

Event Will Be Changed 2nd Sebtember, and This will be Fixed in the Video

Welcome to my Youtube Channel! My name is Mythical Blue, Im Finnish/European Charity only Youtuber, Streamer, Gamer, Video Maker. Even when im Normal and Free Guy, my Videos are Freely made and this Videos to Save the World is my Destiny! I will be Making Videos about Happy live and How we can make Others happy! =)

Name: Unknown
Age: 28
From: All around World
I like: Freedom with Peace!


Gaming nicks:

Fornite: Mythical Blue
League of Legends Eune: Ability
League of Legends West: Guide
Runescape: Johnmcdodger

Charity Stream/Twitch: …
Facebook: …


Join our First event:

Zybez – Pick Your Team:

Download Gaming Client:


Visit our Lapland:

Hotel Booking – Rovaniemi:

Find – The Reindeers:

Kartta: …

Meet – Other – Epic – Animals – Tallitonttu:
Pukinpolku 12, Napapiiri


Quest: Im working somewhere here, you are not allowed ask
any details. Try to Find Me

Reward: High Five! =)

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