Journalist Jenni Monet Gives Latest on Standing Rock After Her Arrest | APTN News

Freelance journalist Jenni Monet has been covering the events unfolding in Standing Rock for months.

She was covering the raid on a camp on Wednesday and was arrested for doing so.


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  1. my opinion you are well respected journalists for standing rock and all people be proud of what you for all people thank you god bless

  2. Morton County is a well Known Liar villa Their parents teach them to Lie at an Early age. Now as Adults they are Bigger Liars and the Truth can not be found in any Officials there.

  3. Check out where the Uranium is Located. and where the Oil Pipeline was moved more east to accommodate such Uranium mining Extractions without anyone knowing.

  4. The North Dakota, Morton county will be known as using institutional racism against peaceful protesters by not only physically abusing them but also abusing their human rights of free speech, free to peacefully assemble and pray. State of ND, Senator, Governor, state attorney Free all the water protesters that you unlawfully jailed. If you’re not corrupt, not in bed with the oil companies than you will free these human beings that you jailed for reasons based on falsehood, racism and fascism. Respect. compassion. prayers for the Water Protectors, First People of this Nation fighting for their human right to clean water and a clean environment and the right to their land.

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