Midwife. Advocate. Citizen Journalist: Luke Chiwala

Luke Chiwala is a midwife in Malawi who uses his skills as a White Ribbon Alliance-trained Citizen Journalist to help women and newborns survive childbirth.

Luke is part of WRA Malawi’s band of midwife advocates hailing from every district of the country to educate women, caregivers and policymakers. The guidance he got from WRA has been vital to his success.

“The initial citizen journalist training was good and very motivating. Before the training I was limited in what I could do, despite an ability to write stories. More work should be done to train citizen journalists – it’s very important and we need more of them.”

But, White Ribbon Alliance needs support in order to continue its innovative and impactful Citizen Journalist Training program. Every amount helps. Luke and other citizen journalist midwives in Malawi often travel to health centers, on their own time, at their own expense. He uses his precious airtime to transmit photos and stories that are used to advocate for the women and children in his community.

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