News Reporter Eats Steak in Front of A Vegan!

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  1. It’s funny because domesticated animals aren’t even part of the ecosystem anymore, humans have consumed meat for thousands of years before any sort of normalized social or political system was put in place, and the only argument for a meat-oriented patriarchy that could then be made under that same context would be that we’re inherently patriarchal by default. In other words…I think she forgot what consistent logic is.

    • These people are idiots.

      We humans are part of nature & we consume resources by just living. Every animals polutes & consumes the world… it is the circle of life. If we humans did not consume, there would be another animal or living being that will rise to become top of the hierarchy of the food chain.

      I would consider them sound in knowledge if they promoted the idea to reduce consumption or consume food, resources on a moderate level & not excessive level.
      She is a extremist in my opinion… she does not realize that by just existing she is basically consuming the resources of the world. In fact, even plants can be considered more important to the world than animals… as they clean the atmosphere.

      Chavezz is kinda naive it seems.

    • andre marchand you are an idiot. and ignorant. you speak about cat killing millions of smaller animals in us alone. to this i ask, what the smaller animals did while the cat wasn’t there? uh? jerry just waited tom so tom can eat her? and i don’t even speak about the multiple variety of wild race of cats still around. but you don’t give a damn after. like you surely not even conscious of the rat invasion appearing the last couples of year, here and there IN US ALONE. farmers never has to deal with puma attack, or just civilian having their dogs killed by it or coyote. after domesticated animals are not part of the ecosystem, right?

    • unlimited971 If you look behind yourself, you’ll see the point. That was what caused the wind you felt going over your head.

  2. As a person who loves steak I do feel bad that we don’t treat our livestock better. Some farmers do try to give their livestock a happy life before being processed and others just treat their animals disgustingly and seeing it makes me feel disgusted.

    But yeah the whole eating meat enforces the patriarchy is bullshit and just doesn’t make sense. You’re looking way too deep into things with not much meaning.

    • As if it matters. All those animals end up killed, there’s no ”humane” meat or ”happy milk”. Cows are held constantly pregnant to produce milk, it is done by someone shoving their whole arm up a cow’s anus and a metal rod up her vagina. The babies are taken away, if boys, they are killed, if girls, they are also kept pregnant. Cows can live up to 25-30 years in the wild, but are killed at around 5 years of age. They are extremely maternal and cry for weeks when their babies are taken away.
      If you don’t care, say so. Don’t pretend that you care for these animals. As if not being kicked somehow changes the rest of the torture they go through because ”bacon”.

    • Ilona L. I get where you’re coming from and I’m not going to lie and say I’ll stop eating meat but I’m going to be at least empathetic to their situation and wish things could be done more humane, it may not be enough for you and that’s fine but we have to start somewhere.

    • The only way to ”fix the issues” is getting rid of them. Aka, getting rid of animal agriculture. Exactly what vegans are doing. Businesses are closing.

    • Ilona L. Yea I doubt that or at least the nastier ones, the demand for meat and meat products out weighs anything vegans can do unless vegans some get the monopoly on animal agricultural and shut it down completely… And even that won’t work.

    • Like every news outlet they have an agenda. Bringing on a woman who argued for health care for animals, immediately blamed religion for why he feels animals were meant to be ate and is booty hurt over people making their own decisions helps make the other side look dumb or nuts.

      Every outlet does this by getting the wackos of every side to appear arguing stuff they know their audience will find appalling.

      Hence why he main news outlets are pretty worthless for objective info. Got to throw subjective views into everything.

      But it is funny to see a idiot argue for the welfare of animals as a vegan then says she eats cheese. By her logic she’s stealing it from poor people who can’t afford cheese.

  3. Like damn what if I hunt and kill a animal myself it’s all good because the blood is on my hands according to her but what If feed my family that meat are they in the wrong for consuming a animal they didn’t hunt ? She tweaking 😂😂

    • yes, your babies and ya grandma are now sexist pig men that will enslave all the womens to be nothing but living sex dolls and over the next 10 years those testosterone poisoned idiots will evolve into evil demons that consume and destroy all that is good in the world until there is nothing left and the universe is destroyed

    • jt you are trying to make sense of it. Don’t. You can’t reason with these types of people, they are mental and you can’t understand their logic because there is no logic,they are just nutjobs

  4. i love the related videos “Gordon Ramsay’s perfect burger tutorial” “How To Cook A Cheap Steak Vs. An Expensive Steak” “Eating BONE MARROW like CAVEMAN in the FOREST | 100-YEAR-OLD AXE!!!”

  5. Everything that come out of her mouth sounds ridiculous it only makes sense to a social justice warrior not to a scientist or regular people with common sense it’s ok if you don’t want to eat meat don’t make excuses if you don’t want to eat meat because you want a healthy lifestyle that’s ok too much of everything is not good for your body there’s nothing wrong with eating vegetables if you want to be vegan that’s fine

    • Light except for the fact that you can look into and see the being vegan is perfectly healthy and not in anyway worse than meat eaters some would argue they are in even better health

    • John Dennis That is false. Plus we are omnivores for a reason. End of discussion. I will no longer reply to you. Goodbye 🙂

    • Light ironic that you call it false simply because it contradicts what you believe but eh that’s fine the discussion can end on that

    • John Dennis – Some would argue that they are in better health, because if they don’t argue that then there really is no basis justifying not eating meat except just not wanting to eat an animal.

  6. By saying that eating meat proves the male toxicity or patriarchy, does that mean she is promoting male dominance on a biological level? Is she not insinuating that men hunted, provided food, protected & ruled over tribes, groups, villages, towns, cities & kingdoms.
    Therefore, dominating, hunting & eating animals is evidence of male dominance/patriarchy? Therefore, is she insinuating that as a natural or biological selection/role of males is that?
    She is saying that animals are part of nature but everything in this world is part of nature. These people are crazy, humans consume, animals consume… everyone consumes. If she believes in evolution, another species will rise above of us & become top of the food chain… it is part of nature is it not? There are dominance hierarchy that animals consume & dominate over others… if we humans do not do it, others will. Every living being consumes… it is called circle of life, one consumes another.

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