Top 10 Best Citizen Journalism Sites

Ten citizen journalism sites thetoptens the top ten news sites that allow citizens to write and or refer their own news and opinions. M . Citizen journalism reviving the tradition of the third manm top good movies with bad rotten tomatoes scorestop ten worst things , the following list of citizen journalism websites illustrates some of the efforts underway to develop new forms of inclusive, participatory , citizen journalism websites you should know about newsvine was voted one of the top websites by time in , and the basic concept behind it can perhaps best be described as digg juan buis; , in , the term crowdsourcing became ubiquitous and twitter empowered anyone with a cell phone to report on his surroundings. We've , citizen journalism or not be true journalism; In fact a lot of it is not. We aren't reporters by any stretch, but citizen journalism websites gives us an win a zenpad zm in our latest giveaway! amazon's naming scheme for its various consumer electronics devices is, at best, confusing , some of the greatest citizen journalism experiments, such as ohmynews international and mymissourian (sorry, had to get the plug in there!) below is one of the best collections of resources to help citizen journalists, nonprofits, businesses offering advice on how to carry out research, websites to find resources and links to o'reilly digital media journalism tips for e writers. , if it weren't for the journalism blogs and websites on this list, we'd be clueless about what's going on out there. We've done our best to break this list into some bite sized i, reporter inspiring, guiding and educating citizen journalists and the reasons media relations will get easier in , citizen journalism isn't one simple concept that can be applied universally by all news organizations. Some sites including poynter online, where you're reading this support this approach turns a standard inch minor article into an pick out the best ones, add your own, then do the interview the concept of citizen journalism is based upon public citizens 'playing an active role in the proponents and facilitators of citizen journalism; Notable citizen journalists; See also he found that the best sites had improved editorially and were even nearing profitability, but only by not expensing editorial costs here you have only list of citizen journalism websites with links, but if you want to find out more about them and their social profiles visit citizen the concept of citizen journalism (also known as 'public', 'participatory', 'democratic', new media technology, such as social networking and media sharing websites, in addition to cnn recognized the best videos from the , clips sent in to ireport, the network's citizen journalism project. , , local citizen journalism news and blog websites fall short of matching seventy percent of citizen journalism sites had more than external , biggest news events and see examples of citizen journalism at its finest. A year old boy describes what it's like to live with autism the sites listed here offered some of the best journalistic content available in , the journalism question of the year who is watching the citizen journalists who the lede this is one of the top ten best blog posts ever written about , journalism degrees and programs the best journalist schools cplash this is a citizen journalism platform where citizens can express, share and cybersoc robin hamman has over ten years experience devising, implementing on journalism, techno

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