eNCA Senior Political Reporter, Xoli Mngambi reports on the battle for Nelson Mandela Bay

The EFF is holding its people's assembly rally ahead of the motion of no confidence vote in DA mayor Athol Trollip tomorrow.


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  1. About damn time South Africa refuses to negotiate with Terrorists. EFF there’s no place for your ideology.

    • Im talking about the DA and EFF here. EFF doesnt owe the DA nothing. Furthermore, the DA betrayed its people by voting against land without expropriation. There is no greater crime than that.

    • expropriation without compensation is not a crime, its justice. a man sentenced to death for a crime they have commited is not murder, its justice.

    • That video has propaganda written all over it. And that is a white man speaking. Some whites say only own 22%, this one is saying 8% lol. Creative presentation but no one is going to believe that. Im sorry.

  2. It’s like they read from a written script, where on earth did they see the stats on who owns land? Acting like spoiled brats? Please they are acting like they own the whole country and that no one else has the right to live in this country anymore, it’s ok to send someone to jail for racist remarks now, so I hope the next step will be to review Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma for hate speech against citizens of South Africa.

  3. On my view,DA is the real devil because is the racist party,we want our land no war ,in peaceful amandla fighters.we don’t want war in south Africa land must be given peaceful.Even in apartheid they took years to understand the political freedom .Now we are in a struggle for economic freedom, if land is back to us we got everything like them.

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