Is it undeclared emergency? | NDTV Ban | Bagon Mein bahar Hai?

Ever since the government considered banning NDTV for a day, a lot of people have started to ask the question, is democracy being threatened in India? Some people are comparing modi government to Indira Gandhi. A few other things have happened which point in this direction
– A student called Najeeb has been missing since almost a month, police mistreated his family after they peacefully protested
– CM, deputy CM of Delhi and opposition leader were detained by the Police
– Government's attack on Judiciary
– Govt's attempt to suppress criticism and questions

Proof of other news channels showing the same thing as what NDTV did-

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If you're still reading this, and get the reference to the background in the first 30 secs of the video, write in comments: "Bagon mein Bahar Hai, Hum ko tumse pyar hai"

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