White House reporter defends clash with Sarah Sanders

Playboy White House reporter and CNN political analyst Brian Karem explains why he interrupted White House press secretary Sarah Sanders with an emotional question about the Trump's administration immigration policy.


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    • Can anyone reasonably argue that Christianity hasnt done great deeds on earth?? Is it not ignorant to misunderstand that ppl often create an alibi to commit a crime? As an African American I must understand that Donald Trump is not the voice of all white ppl in America, right?? As a reasonable person you have to admit that all colored ppl are not criminals, correct? You cant judge the quality of an apple tree by the rotten fruit that has fallen to the ground, that’s illogical…

    • Hotcheetojuice what of the lives that religion has saved? Or are we intentionally missing that point? What about ex-cons who’ve converted to Islam and now walk in peace? What about those who’ve learned temperance from church and apply teachings to their everyday lives? Christian organization that give time and money to war and poverty-stricken areas of the world?? Any idiot can read an Ikea instruction manual but can you follow it’s directions? Christ has made me a better person

    • Kalief Hampton so your evil religion makes you a better person? That’s a typical brainwashed response

  1. I don’t blame Mr. Karem. People are fed up with the hypocrisy & lies from this administration. And of course the morons at faux news would condemn what was said at that press conference. All they want to do is spread their fuhrers’ propaganda

    • Rudi Hendricks wtf. Osama was the worst black president ever. Worst president ever, fake news telling you to thank Osama for making America losing jobs, losing security and losing the border security. Are you like rtards? Are you still singing the same old song on Russian collusion too? Sad.

    • Ken Evanska ken you sir are a sassy man and most likely a weirdo foreigner. We don’t need anymore of your kind in this great country. Word to u your mom

    • LiveFreeOrDie Stefan I’m pretty sure you have Brest feed and given birth and ate a peanut butter banana sandwich with Elvis. Idiot

    • RaBiDmOuZ What was “Journalistic” about his hypocrite grandstanding?
      How many illegals did he personally sponsor, house and employ, to rescue them from ICE?

    • +Bill W, you’re being kind. Given that the USA is the biggest market for child sex and the traffickers and customers are all “well respected family and business people” who compartmentalize … I think he’s a pedo (or doing this on behalf of pedo masters) who’s flipping out because the unlimited access to trafficked children has been halted. As is everyone who calls for the kids to be released to their traffickers w/out dna testing. Genuine families seek asylum at a port of entry where it’s not illegal and they therefore won’t be separated from their kids.

  2. You made us proud Brian Karem….thanks for standing up after all that you and the reporters have had to deal with during this administration.

  3. My only question is why aren’t ALL the “journalists” in that room doing the same thing?! CNN y’all need to stop, this guy is a hero, ALL journalists should be demanding an HONEST answer from Sanders. She does nothing from that podium but lie and deflect and the media allows it. All of them should be demanding truth and anyone who never pushes back and lets her lies slide needs to grow a backbone.

  4. I praise Brian for calling out Sarah Huckabee Sanders on her BS and – quite frankly – her total lack of morality in providing truthful answers to the American public.

  5. Speak my brother Brian, Speak the Truth!! How does Sarah Sanders live with herself. At least Spicer’s conscience did eventually kick in, Sarah apparently has no Empathy!

  6. Very good. Every time I watch some footage from the WH briefing I am surprised that Sanders is not called out like this every day! How can this woman go to bed ever with a good conscience? What if a reporter loses his/her credentials? Let only Fox News report those lies and focus on the truth.

  7. Brian Karem, I love you. And all my old white lady friends love you. And the few people of color I’m lucky enough to have as friends in our overwhelmingly white Minnesota love you. My husband loves you, my children love you, my grandchildren love you. We all wish all of the media would learn from you and speak the truth out loud and clear for all to hear. You absolutely did and said the right things, Brian Karem; peaceful but outspoken–and heroic–protest is the only way we will ever defeat the cruel, divisive meanies in this horrid, bigoted, hateful administration. THANK YOU!

    • Their president did NOTHING for 8 years except sit there and have everyone tell him how great he was. Do you know why. MEOW MEOW MEOW. Get the message?

    • fact morals more babies aborted in history because of this person 0bama hillary and you the voter yall voted for these 0bama-nation please dont kill me a baby crying being aborted

    • I think you need to get out of the house more often if you think that the American people want to see his childish games and treatment of others

    • f quint he did what the left wants which doesn’t represent all Americans views. This situation is about immigration laws that are now finally being enforced. Now that we are enforcing immigration laws the left is absolutely livid! The left has always been about lawlessness. These same stooges on CNN were trying to force Trumps impeachment before he was sworn in! That’s how pathetic their anti Trump fascist movement has been and will continue to be. Yet the real criminals aka Clinton’s are worshipped by these swamp creatures. Hilary is a treasonous criminal and CNN worships her and her rapist husband.

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