White House Reporter Fell Asleep During Today’s Briefing, On Live TV (Video)

John Gizzi did Tuesday what many Americans do everyday, namely get a little sleepy in the PM.

Unfortunately for the Newsmax chief political correspondent, his bout of near-shut eye came in the middle of Tuesday’s White House press briefing. And was broadcast on national television.

When asked for comment, Gizzi told The Daily Caller he was actually getting lunch after the briefing and did not actually fall asleep Tuesday.

“I have nodded off before but I assure you I didn’t today,” he explained. “People ask me this often and anyone on either side of me –Sara Cook of NHK, today — will tell you I was up and at ’em.”

You win some, you lose some.

Either way, this will all get drowned out by the media asking questions about what sex positions POTUS and Stormy Daniels prefer.

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