Zeti sharp as ever, tells reporter she will not answer political questions

'Council of elders' member Zeti Akhtar Aziz said she will not entertain political questions from the press following the council's first meeting.

The former Bank Negara Malaysia governor said she will only be involved from the economic perspective because that's what the people care about the most.

The advisory council – dubbed the “Council of Elders” – is currently looking into comprehensive ways of improving the people's buying power and not just from a piecemeal perspective, she said after meeting 180 fund managers at Bank Negara today.


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  1. Reporters should reading news too! How ignorant? Datin Seri Wan Azizah already informed that DSAI would take break to recuperate. Naive to pressure, and insist answers!

    • prakash kanesen
      Its good to feel that way.. but remember, don’t just take the sweetness, take the bitter too.. there will be a time when malaysia will be tested AGAIN,
      and when that time comes, we expect loyalty.. if you know what i mean..

    • ameerul aqma Hey! “numb nuts” she is not half white,her late father Ungku Aziz,a great academician,is half TURKISH..

    • Razin Othman …her father is a half Circassian…her mother is a half Arabian… know the facts before calling others ‘numb nuts’

  2. Wartawan ni bodoh. 5 org ni dilantik utk mengkaji dan memulih ekonomi dan hutang negara. Bkn nk sebok chk masalah dsai. Omg. Bangang tu simpan la. Cmana jadi wartawan pn tktau la… haiyyooo. Pls la.

  3. I wonder how many navy blue baju kurungs she have in her wardrobe …hehehhe seems to be her favourite color.

  4. Every head of govt dept should behave like that. Separate politics from governance. High praise to TSDS Dr.Zeti.

  5. Reporters, don’t make a fool of yourself by asking silly questions. It is understandable that most of you may not have had a situation to ask relevant questions before PK came to power, but hereafter please do your homework and ask smart questions. Now you can Question politicians and do investigative journalism.
    Zeti is an elegant and sharp lady of substance and she answered very well. We need good and sharp economists and financial wizards to help rebuild our country.

    • Shows the quality of journalism has deteriorated in the age of social media where reporters have to attract readers with click bait and tabloid headlines.

  6. Those reporter should have done homework also!
    Don’t ask silly questions, better give chance to other reporters.
    Think, our country is now starting to move forward like other progressed countries…. just don’t ask questions like last years ya ;D

    • Joe Dark Matter ,some reports are poison to the country….causing problems for the country….stop them please..

  7. Smart. If you are not a politician, dont get involve or else you end up like Tony Fernandes, LCW and that TV3 reporter. Know your role – The Rock.

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