Tucker to Univision Reporter: What Do You Think You Own Tacos Or Something?

Do you know the difference between legal and illegal immigration? Congratulations, you’re apparently more savvy than the left-leaning Univision television network.

During an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Univision host Enrique Acevedo unloaded on a Mexican-American restaurant in Texas for daring to … well, proudly serve food to its customers.

El Tiempo Cantina near Houston posted an image of its smiling proprietor posing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who came in for a bite.

“We had the honor to serve Mr. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States,” posted the restaurant, along with an American flag symbol.

“Thank you for allowing us to serve you,” the establishment continued. The post was marked with hashtags including “#unitedstates” and “#usa.”

How about that — a proud American business setting aside politics to serve good food from a rich culture. Isn’t that what America is all about?

Apparently not. Liberals quickly attacked El Tiempo Cantina and left scathing reviews of the restaurant online, while demanding that it be boycotted.

The host of the Spanish-language television channel joined the fray, and attacked Sessions on Tucker’s show … while pretending that there was no difference between legal and illegal immigration.

“There is something to be said about a man … about Jeff Sessions and the moral contradictions of a man that led the charge to dehumanize and criminalize immigrants and then suddenly shows up at a Mexican restaurant to order huevos rancheros,” Acevedo ranted.

It perhaps never occurred to him that it wasn’t Sessions who “criminalized” illegal aliens; they did that themselves when they broke U.S. laws.

“I think what people are point out, the contradiction of attacking someone’s culture, someone’s story and then celebrating their food,” Acevedo continued. He did not specify how enforcing the border law was “attacking someone’s culture.”

That’s when Carson had enough. He jumped in and pointed out the absurdity of the Univision host’s argument.

“What do you mean their food?” he asked. “It’s American food. What do you think, you own tacos now or something?”

The outspoken Fox commentator was just getting started. “It sounds like you feel like you own tacos,” he declared.

“I feel like they’re an American food and I’m going to keep eating them even though I agree with Jeff Sessions,” Carlson concluded.

It’s an extremely good point. America is supposed to be a “melting pot” … so since when does a food become off-limits and reserved only the culture it’s associated with?

The left constantly talks about “diversity” being our strength. Yet the same people who demand diversity turn around and attack people for taking part in it, and for daring to enjoy the cultural contributions of many different groups.

Enjoying sushi isn’t Japanese cultural appropriation. It’s enjoying sushi. Sipping a single-malt Scotch isn’t insulting to Scotland.

If anything, Jeff Sessions choosing to visit a Mexican restaurant suggests that he’s far less biased and much more multi-cultural than his enemies claim.

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