Uri Attack: India-Pakistan Facts, Propaganda, Outrage & Surgical Strike Video EXPOSED

The recent Uri Terror Attack has become a new source of lies and propaganda to destroy India-Pakistan relationship. Some news channels are spreading lies and emotionally blackmailing people to donate money for the purchase of new weapons, while PM Modi has openly challenged pakistan to fight against poverty and illiteracy, trying to avoid any chances of an India-Pakistan War

I explain the economics behind what will be the impact of a scenario where India and Pakistan decide to go for a war. A short 14-day war would cost India 2.5 Lakh Cr. rupees.
Thanks to EIC Outrage for making the video on the same topic
The Uri Attack

Update: Indian army did a surgical strike on Pakistan, crossing the LOC and killing terrorists and 2 Pakistani soldiers. Pakistan claims that no such thing happened and it was only cross border firing.

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